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Customer Reactivation Checklist


Increase your dealership sales without adding expenses by using marketing automation from Cactus Sky. The Lead Igniter Program can deliver big results: increased email delivery rates, targeted engagement, real time clicker notifications, sales and service messages, and clear insight into what is – and isn’t – working. According to eMarketer, 86% of marketers said that marketing automation improved prospect nurturing.

July is the time to reactivate dead leads and drive sales. As you explore your digital marketing solutions, here is a 3-step checklist to follow to help you make an informed decision that’s right for your dealership.

Step 1
Reactivation Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you have a starting point that measures results.

Enter Your Numbers

  1. Total Leads in CRM: 
  2. Current Closing Ratio: 
  3. Number of New Monthly Leads: 
  4. Number of Salespeople: 

Step 2
Are you currently using the following? (yes or no)

Yes No Mass Email Marketing: send large batches of email, track and report on deliveries, opens and clicks; automatically send triggered email responses based on the recipient’s actions or behavior; and track clicks on specific links within emails.
Yes No Email Deliverability: ensure your messages are being delivered and find fixes for low-deliverability rate.
Yes No Forms: Place forms on your landing pages, microsites, on your website, and progressively collect information from visitors with each subsequent site visit.
Yes No Mobile: optimize emails for mobile phones and tablets as well as monitor, test and react to how your customers interact with your mobile app.
Yes No Personalized multi-channel campaigns: create a consistent, personalized 1:1 conversation with your audience based upon interest.

Step 3
What are you looking to accomplish?

What are you looking to accomplish?

Ask yourself – what are you trying to achieve with Lead Reactivation? To start, identify and document your goals.

Enter your goals:

Example Goals:

  • I want to reactivate dead leads
  • I want to generate more leads by increasing traffic to my website
  • I want to increase my closing ratio
  • I want to be able to integrate marketing automation with all of my current customers.
  • I want to generate leads for my BDC

For more detail on what you should consider when selecting a marketing automation solution for your dealerships, please submit a demo request.

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