1. TEST TEST TEST: Before you hit the send button on any automated campaign you need to test it, then test it again and after that… test it one more time! The only thing worse than not using marketing automation is using it incorrectly. You have spent thousands of dollars driving traffic to your website and you get that conversion and a data capture form has been filled out and your system sends them out the wrong email or even worse has the wrong name imported.

2. Use personalization: The First rule in building a relationship is using the person’s name. The same holds true with email, use the import name feature in the subject line and also in the salutation. Show your customers the “human” side of your dealership, make the experience as personalized as possible.

3. Use Mobile enabled HTML emails. If you are going to invest the time and energy to build an Automated Messing System take the time to build the email correctly so that it renders properly on any device. Statistics show that over 50% of people are reading their emails on a mobile phone and if your email is not mobile enabled most people will simply delete your message.

4. Turn off your autoresponder. Most dealerships have a standard auto responder set up in the CRM so when a lead is submitted it send out a canned message. Think about the car buying process, you are not the only dealership that the prospect is working with and to send out a generic message is a negative. When the prospect opens your email they are looking for information, not the same generic message that everyone else is sending out. This is your first contact make the most of it.

5. Monitor and Follow up – Close the loop! One of the biggest benefits of Marketing Automation is that is provides you the opportunity to monitor in Real-Time what your prospect is doing when they receive your email. If you respond quickly and provide the information that they are looking for you will come out ahead. Remember every lead you purchase has been sold to a at least 2 other local dealers so it is a race to get to the customer and today consumers want fast, informative, professional responses. Marketing Automation can help you win the race.

Prospects clicking on links or visiting your websites are hot prospects, they are interested in your dealership. Follow up before your competition has a chance to.

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