Get Your Complimentary List Hygiene Report

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Report Includes:

  • Physical inspection for problems
  • Removal of undeliverable emails
  • Filtering for deliverability issues
  • Top 10 Domains rankings
  • Recommendations on Mailing Strategies

Confidentiality & Returned File Format
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List Hygiene Results Original Removed Total Clean
Kansas Chevy Dealership 28,637 5,456 23,181
Kansas Chevy Service 7,751 1,624 6,127
South Carolina Nissan Dealership 10,696 1,903 9,066
Massachusetts Chrysler Dealership 41,671 8,751 32,920

The Facts.
Dealerships have an average of 20,000 leads in their CRM. The investment to acquire these can be up to $250,000.

The Problems.
Creating an effective marketing program to target and engage your dormant leads can be both expensive and potentially harmful to your dealership.

The Solution.
Lead Igniter re-engages the leads in your CRM and creates an effective turn-key program to keep leads coming in month after month.

“With the staff turnover in our industry, leads tend to get lost. Out of all the programs we’ve tried, the Lead Igniter program has been the most effective at keeping us in touch with all prospects.”
– Chrysler dealership in Virginia
“When we enrolled in the Lead Igniter Program, we saw a significant increase in traffic on our website. 90% of the previous dormant leads searched for new or pre-owned vehicles directly from the campaign. No other company has produced such a high ROI for us.”
– Cadillac dealer in Texas
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