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Lead Igniter is a full service marketing program that allows Chrysler dealerships to reactivate dormant prospects from their CRM (the average dealership has over 10,000 unsold internet leads).

Lead Igniter will re-engage and reactivate these old dead leads, generate a new revenue stream.

Special Program and Pricing for Chrysler Dealers. PAP Eligible

Lead Igniter Program Advantages:

  • Superior email deliverability through spam filters.
  • Mobile-enabled emails. 69% of people read on a mobile phone
  • 2 sales/service campaigns a month to the ENTIRE prospect database
  • Detailed analytics and revenue reporting
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Hot leads are passed to dealership contact for follow-up
  • Professionally designed and written email campaigns
  • Increased web traffic

Real Statistics from Lead Igniter Customers:

A Chrysler store in Maryland has been using POG for 10 months and sold 232 cars due to POG email campaigns.
A Chevrolet dealership in Maryland saw a 7-8% open rate in emails and a click through rate of 21% and saw revenues in their service department over $150K within 90 days.
A Honda Dealer in Ohio generated 57 sales in a 90 day period marketing to a prospect database of 17431 emails.

Interactive Mobile Examples

“With the staff turnover in our industry, leads tend to get lost. Out of all the programs we’ve tried, the Lead Igniter program has been the most effective at keeping us in touch with all prospects.” – Chrysler dealership in Virginia

“I have never seen a lead generating program be as effective as the Lead Igniter Program has been for our dealership.” – Chevrolet dealership in Maryland

“When we enrolled in the Lead Igniter program, we saw a significant increase in traffic on our website. 90% of the previous dormant leads searched for new or pre-owned vehicles directly from the campaign. No other company has produced such a high ROI for us.” – Cadillac Dealer in Texas

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