Due to increased demand for our product we currently have a
two week setup time required for the full automation program.

Simply The
Best Way to
Sell Cars

index_08tick Reactivate dead leads
index_08tick Real Time Clicker
index_08tick Mobile Enabled

Our emails adapt to the mobile device they are being viewed
on. Utilizing leading edge technology, out customized templates
greatly enhance the user experience on mobile devices.

What is A Real
Time Clicker?

Clicker Reports
Detailed reports showing the person’s postal,
phone and link clicked info.

How Does It Work?

Real Time Clicker enables you the ability
to identify prospects interest based on
what they clicked and use this information
to help convert a shopper into a buyer.

For aggressive dealers, this provides the
opportunity to have a sales associate call
the prospect, in some cases, while they
are still on your website shopping.

Actual Results
Ford: 77 total or 6.41 over 12 mo
Mazda: 220 total or 18.3 over 12 mo
Toyota: 363 or 30.23 over 12 mo
Chrysler: 270 or 22.5 over 12 mo
Ford: 278 or 19 over 12 mo
Dodge: 383 or 31.9 over 12 mo
Ford: 456 or 38 over 12 mo

Lead Igniter targets your ENTIRE CRM Database
and Reactivates Dormant Leads into NEW Customers

Why Choose Lead Igniter?

We continue to see the numbers increase month after month. The building a relationship approach is working.
In Just one month we sold over 10 unites from Lead Igniter. Best return on investment for marketing that we have seen.
Lead Igniter is unlike anything we have seen before and we have already seen a huge jump in revenue for our service department, which is something that we didn’t expect.
Lead Igniter has been able to engage more leads than our sales staff with their follow-up emails. The program works. Period.
Lead Igniter has changed the way we market to leads. The detailed reporting engine shows us exactly has much sales and service revenue we’ve gained since starting the program. I can tell the relationships we are building with our customers are lasting relationships. The mobile-enabled emails have really given us a leg up on the competition.

Our email deployment system allows us to provide extensive reports that include the following metrics and information:

index_26CampaignBull Campaign Metrics
Open, Read, Click-thru rates, and Heat
Maps(visual click patterns available
upon request)
index_26Clickerbull Clicker Reports
Detailed reports showing the person’s
postal, phone and link clicked info
index_26Devicebull Device Reports
The device the client used to view the
index_26Graph Google Analytics Integration
Each campaign can be tracked on your
website reports if you have Google
Analytics or another website analytics tool
index_26Call Call Tracking
Advanced Call Tracking Analytics provides
you with Recorded Call Tracking Records
allowing you to follow-up with Engaged
Phone Prospects
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