Since I have started with Cactus Sky they have continued to impress me. First I signed on with Lead Igniter and saw immediate results, so I decided to let them do all my marketing and have since added Lead Igniter to my motor-sports store. In addition to all of that they were able to match over 20% of the missing emails that I needed for my databases.

We doubled our sales for the month of September thanks to the work of Lead Igniter. We know that we are getting our moneys worth with this program.

We were able to have Lead Igniter up and running with our store in less than a week and saw results immediately! We started getting email responses on day 1. We can’t wait to see what happens after the first month.

The great thing about Cactus Sky’s Lead Igniter marketing is that they focus on building our brand and creating a relationship with our customers. We have seen numbers steadily rise with them. We will stay with them as long as our doors are open.

We are able to see our numbers go up month after month with Lead Igniter, and we don’t have to do anything that we aren’t already doing. The program runs itself. It is great to know that we have a sales strategy that doesn’t require my constant supervision.

Before we met Cactus Sky, we were spending thousands of dollars a month in just sales marketing that wasn’t working. With Lead Igniter, we were not only able to save money, but we are now able to market to our prospects for both sales and service. They have given us exactly what we needed.


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January 4, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this reference letter within minutes of receiving news of achieving the #1 Cadillac dealer award for the Houston, TX market for all of 2011. We made many changes in our philosophies in 2011, one of which was how we implemented email marketing to our marketing plan.

Cactus Sky Marketing, and especially Peter Martin, made an enormous impact on our success in 2011. Email blasts were something very new to us and Peter Martin and his staff took the time to explain how their whole process works. More importantly, we were updated with constant reporting informing us of the success of each email blast. With each email blast, traffic to our website and leads to out CRM were instantaneous!

I would recommend any company wishing to expand their presence in the respective marketplace to contact Cactus Sky Marketing to realize the potential email blasts can provide them. My hat is off to Peter Martin and his staff for taking the time to nurture our account and diligently work towards finding new ways to find new potential clients for us.

Peter, thank you again for your support and assistance in making us #1 in Houston!





Greg Brown
Internet Director
Stewart Cadillac

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